South Philadelphia Remodel

Property was originally a 100+ year-old carpenter’s shop/warehouse and converted into a home. The property included both one and two-story masonry structures with no outdoor space. It was determined that a courtyard could be achieved by removing a portion of the one-story building, leaving the remaining structure to serve as a one car garage. The two-story building would serve as the main residence and required a new facade facing the courtyard. The interior of the residence was to be left raw comprising of wood joist, steel beams, and exposed brick. Both floors were large open 1,500 sq. spaces.

Features include:
  • Master bedroom with en suite featuring a shower/sauna room
  • Grand Staircase leading to second level
  • Heated concrete floor was installed on first level and second level has restored original hardwood floors
  • Kitchen facing the courtyard with a large stainless steel island with a built-in sink
  • In an effort to better define the kitchen area, we designed a drop ceiling constructed of painted steel and perforated panels with recessed lighting
  • Steel catwalk built to cross from the master bedroom to a roof deck, which will be built on top of the existing garage